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If you like the images or subject of the content matter on this website, or the design or operation of this website, please stick arround and join the fun. I need your help in getting this website converted to web 2.0 compliant to make a nice, fun, and unique user experience for visitors. Of course, you might need to be interested in bird watching, dog sledding, hiking, Alaskan Malamutes, field biology, or something of that sort to enjoy the content that is available for you here.


As a hobby to further my experience in my line of work, I have been gathering and sorting data using database and and scripting languages, formatting into a useable platform, and displaying to the public for general use. Here on this website, I chose a couple specific topics of interest based on some of my more personal interests.

Initially, the content on this website grew slowly and started to take shape from sharing experiences. As time went on I ended up spreading it into broader categories to effectively parsel out the work into categories of a greater system that can be easily managed and edited on the fly. Soon enough more sections were added from colleagues concurrent studies and interests. Soon enough a good portion of the biological data that was being worked on had been combined and assimilated and became educational in purpose.  It might even become a benefit to the scientific community at some point in time.

As newer subjects became available the site expanded into Nordic dog breeds, ornithology, dog social networking community, kennel sharing access point, breed activities, ideas, outfitter resources, Iditarod Race annual coverage and central information connecting hub, mountaineering and hiking tutorials and experiences, marine-reef aquarium experiences.

Why not pick a topic of choice above and see if theres anything interesting here for you?

Background of the Dog Data

A lot has been learned about these animals that have a great deal to teach us. During this time, notes have been taken, photos, videos, recordings, and logs have been copiously documented.

Given all the information that has been collected, it was decided that that it should be gathered up, rehashed, and recompiled so that it could be published into a working knowledge base.

This information has been fashioned into a form that will illustrate many individual characteristics and life experiences that one would inevitably encounter when working with these wonderful northern breeds.

One of the goals has been to continue to take a scientific approach to organizing the collected information, and to comprehensively document. The primary subject matter was initially Northern Working Breeds as a whole, and to chart specific breed trends and migrations, as interbreeding slowly degrades quality lines. The purpose of this might help to maintain the integrity and genetic health in some way. Its felt that this is extremely important and time sensitive as breeds are rapidly being diminished due to "show breeding" and uneducated breeders breeding for the wrong qualities, and for the wrong reasons.

Its not believed that one should breed for the best in show, but rather for the best traits in which the breed was designed or used for. Northern breeds arent show dogs, they are working dogs. Just about any dog breed can be a show dog, however some breders are prone to getting those priorties mixed up when they choose a breed to purchase, and to reproduce. For this reason, Northern Breeds among other breeds are losing their inherent genetic qualities as more and more people tend to procure specialty breeds for novelty reasons.

We hope to make a contribution to educate to help counter act quality-gene degradation by providing a service that stands for the "original breed" purpose, wether or not the "breed" is considered "pure bred" by modern kennel clubs.

Join Us

Those of you interested can access this information as it grows by searching the databases, sorting by relevant criteria, comparing, and viewing individual profiles of selected individuals. You can also learn about the trials, mistakes, lessons, and rewards other users have experienced and documented on this website.

Also, you have the oppurtunity to freely publish a certain amount of your own information register here . We highly encourage you to get involved with helping to build up this knowledge base for the benefit of the greater scientific community.

Please become a part of this community to share with all of us.

This website is not an advertisement to sell animals, does not agree with any unethical treatment of animals, and is not a club.

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