Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
Be sure to visit for the latest ongoing issues. This isn't over yet, but now that some democrats are controlling the house, we might get some more conservative responsibility regarding sensitive land issues, and health protection.

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NO Drilling in Alaska Wildlife Refuge Poster, with polar bear

This site is non political-party biased. I myself also no longer belong to any political party. I give up on party politics. I have been registered for 2 political parties, and partially served a total of 3 parties over the last 16 years during voting times(Democrat, Republican, Green). I try to use common sense based logic wherever possible.


I used to be able to watch CNN or MSNBC on any given day, then flip it to FOX News in the evening, then go to Reuters, Al Jazeera English Network websites in the evening while listening to BBC world service every night and morning. My heart is with BBC World Service you could probably currently say. I'm also not against listening to grass roots radio stations such as If we the human don't treat ourselves like this, we become shelled up.


We all know how unpleasant it is to have a discussion with someone who has a really nasty view against our own opinion. Its best to hold not-so-harsh opinions, and not be so biased to eliminate the pressures of ironing a problem out. Therefore being non biased and down-the-middle helps greatly to fairly see the real problem at hand, and to help make wise diplomatic decisions based on the important things. Those things would be feelings straight from the heart, and making daily life better through long-run planning only. Capitalism never enters the picture here, you see? The latter makes for slow going, but eliminates the need to feed the thirst of those out there on the rampage standing against the ideals, and also leads to better lives, ultimately, and steadily. Is this making any sense yet?


Please try to bare with me below on ANWR, which is slowly becoming years of re-editing/re-hashing. I wanted to mention that my opinions have greatly grown since then, but continue to stand for one thing. Natural lands must abound. The possibility does exist for modern friendly living. We have all seen those examples of excellently planned neighborhoods and towns allowing for a real nice tight knit community to solve their own problems locally, live breath work and eat cleanly, walk to work, and at the same time treat expansion responsibly and passionately. We need to strive to make our whole country like that if we are to be true fully proud Americans. Can anyone disagree with this?


A good percentage of the American population, but mainly the administration wants to drill the oil in ANWR. The drilling area is a pristine habitat which they want to claim and take from the people, the heart of a unique untouched wildlife area that resides inside a United States Wildlife Refuge.


In america we have 2 different types of land. the first class of land is set for any sort of human consumption, sad but true. The other type of land are areas that have been set aside by designating as a federal or state natural reserve area where the land is set aside to be protected from any sort of development. Irresponsible uses for land frequently lead to the ultimate destruction of a given area , where the land will produce nothing of value any more ( desertification ). Reserves are areas set aside in recognition of their uniqueness, vast remoteness, inhabitability, quality, or importance of their ecosystem no matter how small or large. These areas are not to be developed, ever. They are land reserves.


Some of the repercussions of consuming reserved land will be an even greater ratio of development area (also desertification) to nature, more pollution and less natural system recovery, pollution to the surrounding area, high decibel machinery noise 24/7 to surrounding area, more emissions, carcinogens, and pollution to the area. In ANWR, if drilled, there would be a vast vast network of roads interconnecting more than 2000 different locations completely splintering the entire area. This would cause a huge impact on the surrounding area environment, and several already endangered species. There are a lot of other alternatives drilling sites.


Are the rising gas prices a trick to get us to pass the ANWR bill? WIth out relationship with Saudi. OPEC . Stay informed.


Please No drilling in ANWR . There's enough offshore Oil in the U.S. coastlines out to deep sea. Oil is being produced from those areas. There are new strikes each year,its already a proven ground. The amount of oil we will get from A.N.W.R. in comparison will not be worth the cost of an open coast multi-million acre wildlife refuge.
dependence on foreign oil renewable energies there isn't as much oil as they say there is .


This is a good chance to put a foot in the door.


In the Southwest U.S. there is already brand new successful drilling platforms and projects for more operations that are out to sea,hurricane proof floating platforms that are anchored to the bottom by flexible cables. Those type of platforms each pump out great amounts of oil that is piped in.


Are we being cheated of americas greatest places.

- They are drill happy for the money .

-They are attempt to make us dependent on oil .

Alaska's northern slopes will be splintered by the network of roads and activity.

- Marine pollution , toxic byproducts , and emissions are snuffing some us out.


They say they want to just study the area.

The deal is not worth the tradeoff

The refuge is a pristine age-of-old arctic wildlife refuge. This special refuge harbors unique critical habitat areas and breeding grounds for hundreds of significant species. Some of the species are the 129,000 strong Porcupine Herd of Arctic Caribou that bears and rears its young here, Peary Caribou , the poisoned Polar Bear that uses the area as its most important denning area, Arctic Wolf (this article also explains how the reduction of Musk Oxen is reducing their populations), Arctic Grizzly Bear who have one of the lowest reproductive rates of all mammals, Wolverines, Snowy Owls, Golden Eagles, all of which den here, up to 300,000 snow geese in the Autumn and millions of other birds, the shaggy Musk Ox which is a Prehistoric descendant from the Ice Age that teeters between being threatened and endangered, threatened Lynx whose biggest enemy is man , Walrus , endangered Bowhead Whale , Arctic Fox . All said, totaling about 45 different mammal species, and 180 species of recorded birds .


The refuge is also a place of tranquility for humans to have a place of primitive refuge on this planet to know that is theirs to visit, but always unaltered and clean. It's a place for your ancestry to inherit, witness, and explore . Most of us aren't planning a visit to the Arctic Circle anytime soon, but this place is among the worlds greatest global refuges. The loss wouldn't just be to the U.S. citizens, we would be cheating the population of the world, threatening the integrity of our earth, altering every other land and animal inhabitant.


Some of the native americans and other natives of the world that have subsisted on the lands resources for thousands of years, many cultures of which still continue to depend on this land for their resources, and most importantly the climate that sustains all of the livable conditions. This problem is not just for the oil, this is a crisis of global proportions. The Human inhabitants, nature, and wildlife co-exist. Any area exposed to road building, vehicles and oil drilling rigs , ice making machines,102+ decibels of noise, will be altered. The habitat would be highly fragmented by roads and pipelines which would alter the arctic refuge ecosystem function permanently.


Something important to keep in mind here, ANWR was originally designated to be SET ASIDE, or RESERVED, in a compromise agreement to OPEN the the other 75 percent of the north coastal slope to drilling! Please remember this.


Now they want to drill in the last percentage% ( map ) of coastal slope after they devoured the north and northwest slopes. When they claim it is a small area(in places like this ) they are only comparing it to the entire refuge, not the coastal slope.If you compare the area of compromised coastal slope, they will have used up approximately 90% of it .


Where is life most abundant? On the beaches and coastal ranges! How much does that leave for untouched habitat areas? This of course is where they are drilling, and spilling. Too little of the land left untouched, as far as functionability and viability of the habitat area, could be insufficient to cycle and provide to keep the area's health sustainable. The animals need a vast area habitat in a desert environment due to scarcity of resources for the land to survive, or over usage will cause them to move on and eventually breed less. From there on forward its an ongoing struggle each season and each year to survive. Eventually the specie's need to shift from using age old habitat areas that were perfect for their number sustainability, then hunt and compete for new ones. The extra competition and stress makes the population weaker as a whole. This has another impact on the environment, etc... It is a downward spiral until the area either recovers, stabilizes after being altered, or dies altogether never to be seen again.


For the caribou that visit the shorelines to birth on their calving grounds, the arguing parties just claim that they are using only part of the land, only 2000 acres out of millions, leaving enough room for the caribou and other animals. Animal's do not overuse land unless forced to do so therefore need a very large area to accumulate great populations. An immoral social trait of the civilized human is to expand by encroaching upon nearly the entire surface of productive land in the world. After habitat areas are left to rejuvenate before they are overused, then it will repair itself and the animals will return. This time they would be coming back to oil drilling platforms, roads, machinery, noise, heaps of waste, scrap metal, pesticides and other types wastes in their habitat. It would distract them from the nature that they have been in tune with over the millennia, and render some or most of the areas completely useless, even to humans after the area has been pumped dry and oily wells are all closed up and sealed up. The ugly silver oil pipe that trickles oil south attempts to offset human over consumption, or human oversight.


Over forty years of drilling would change several species and several micro-ecosystems, and a few large ecosystems forever. Especially the vulnerable large species and a huge percentage of the Caribou population dynamics will suffer at first. Eventually the effect will trickle down to the smallest creature affecting the whole system. They say the Polar bear may have less than 50 years until it will be completely extinct, wiped off the face of the planet for ever. Greed without foresight. Its time to take the responsibility for the half of the world that depends on us the most. Studies shows that we need to take dramatic action NOW to save these species and this land if we are to ever enjoy having it (intact) again!


Did you know that we are losing more than1 species per hour on this planet already, and that rate is accelerating? There are some that think it is not necessary to care for the wildlife, some are even in denial, hence the term. Then there are some that have the good ole gut feeling that this may be a very bad thing we are doing and try to make a difference. Every person counts. Defend clean air, moderate temperatures, animal kinship, and the earth who we depending on for all resources down to the very air we breathe, the earth that was so kind as to offer a breath of life here on its life system.We all have the moral responsibility to avoid being a parasite on our planet. Its better to be stewards of our global home that we all depend on.


They're desperate - Drilling in inhospitable conditions. Somebody has a bundle of money to make off this irresponsible deal, some senators are trying to lobby for it. The people need your individual outspoken voice.


They are getting greedy and now want to encroach on ANWR because they have depleted the oil in Prudhoe Bay. Now remember, the Arctic Refuge was set aside as land not to be touched by drilling, and the Petroleum reserve was set aside for drilling. Two separate pieces of land. A stupor of one-mindedness so-to-speak is conformed in us when we are growing children, ever so slightly trying to convince us that the world is here to exploit. Society tries to take precedence over culture and moral ways. Try to at least keep an open mind. This wasteful thought process can be overcome. Change of awareness is to step outside of the box. It gives you another viewing angle (the neutral ground) to look at this situation from. May the wildlife refuge be left alone and intact.


Do you fit into those Mukluks as well?

You can fight to have this preserve designated a federal wilderness area by going here , the animals, and the wilderness, and the people, especially the local tribal peoples who protect their land responsibly and ones who live sustainability need you. The earth is beyond sustainable growth , the planet is being driven into the ground, so to speak. We need to utilize technology in areas where its already efficient, instead of continuing to look for more areas that can be harvested.


Excerpts from the video linked on the top of this page

Jan 2008
In the early 60's crude oil was chosen as the method of controlling the world.

Plastic is made from oil, highways are made of oil, many drugs come from crude oil. Shoes, polyester, step ladders, packaging for items at the grocery store are all controlled by the price of oil. What we pay at the gas pump is a form of taxation that goes to those who control the world.

Gas prices will rise to $4-$7 a gallon in California in the very near future according to those with the knowledge of the truth.

Our own government cant dispell this information without worrying about having the same fate as J.F.K. Every man in Washington knows, but wouldn't dare tell the truth.

Henry Kissinger made a deal with the middle-east made a deal with them, where they had to denominate their oil sales in $American Dollars. They must also take a certain portion and buy our national debt. They must do this, in order for us to help them develop their oil, and is the only thing keeping the American dollar float today.

There were 2 countries that wouldn't sign. Iraq, was number one, Sadaam was too independent. He wouldn't sign on the dotted line, he had to be destroyed. He wouldn't denominate in American Dollars and fund our national debt. Our country had Iraq invade Kuwiat in a deal that we wouldn't intervene, and George Bush Senior had the excuse that he needed to invade Sadaam. But Iraq was a little stronger that we assumed.

Oil is the standard currency of the world. The american dollar is just a piece of paper. A one dollar piece of paper will no longer buy a Silver dollar, it costs about 20-25 dollars today depending on its quality, the dollar is just a piece of paper.

They want a democracy in Iran, because they want control by the oil men of the world. The 2nd country that wouldn't sign the agreement was Iran. Iran is the 3rd largest oil field on the face of the world. America is being milked for everything it is worth.

You have one of 2 choices, either be a slave in your own land, or tell the truth and hope somebody will listen to you. Our country is raising and lowering the price of the barrel of oil, and the price of gold to break the back of the other countries by dictating when they need to sell their product, and when the price is the lowest. Once we have the product back in our hands, we raise the prices, and they by treaty are forced to purchase it back from us.

There is a middle man in every retail business. There is the manufacturer, then there's the wholesaler, then there's the retailer. The wholesaler is the middle man. They are keeping the identity of the wholesalers from us. It costs the manufacturers $3-$5 dollars to get a barrel of oil out of the ground anywhere in the world. The middle man who gets the profit is raping the industry, and hence the worlds economy. These guys sit being computers in New York and London everyday and dictate OPEC's prices by telling the countries what they are going to give them. The IMF gives back loans to 3rd world countries by the money that comes to the gas pumps in the USA that we pay out of our pockets. The currency of the world is simply adjusted to create the funding for this. Its the IMF and the world bank that's making the money. This is our danger in America and the world. The IMF and the World Bank is the middle man who is making the mass percentage of the profits as the wholesaler making the exorbitant profits in between the transactions between the 3rd world countries and the producing countries. An example is where the IMF world bank gives a loan to Brazil who used the Amazon River Basin as collateral. Its only Hugo Chavez that wont use American Dollars as the denomination for his oil. But brazil couldn't pay the debt. So now the world bank owns the lower amazon basin.

Moving to Iran, it is the new untapped area of interest of the World Bank. Iran threatens to flood the world with cheap oil. They already have the pipelines and infrastructure in tact. They will denominate the oil sales in EURO, not Dollars. The World bank and the US Government is shaking in their shoes. According to the US government, something must be done with Iran before this date. They know if Iran succeeds on this date it will collapse the American Dollar.

The U.S. debt is atleast $8 trillion(8,000,000,000,000.00) dollars. it went up 60.1 Billion in one day. Bush admin ran up the debt 90.4 Billion in one month. Way to go government! OPEC is at maximum output. Every oil refinery in America is operating at 90% plus capacity. us is importing 400,000 gallons of gas every day. NO new refinery has been built in US for over 20 years, and its done by a designed plan. U.S. had 321 refineries in 1981, and now only has only 141 refineries today which is contributing to their grand scheme. The least little bobble and the gas stations will have up signs "no gas available". Bush can not allow oil in ANWR to come to the U.S., because if he did, the oil producing countries of the world who signed will not be obligated to take a certain portion of everything that we give them in payment for oil, and turn around and buy our national debt, and the PORK in washington, and the 8 trillion dollar debt would collapse the american economy. Therefore our administration can NOT afford to allow us to get oil from the Gull Island pool because if they did and brought it out of the ground at $3 a barrel, and allow american refineries to refine the oil then gas would come down to 1.50 a gallon of oil, which would collapse the american economy, and bush knows this and can not tell it to us. We will be paying 4-5 dollars a gallon at the gas pump, we will paying the national debt, and the 3rd world countries loans at the gas pump, taking it off our children's dinner tables to pay the U.S. debt.

As a citizen of a country of Free Speech, I declare that this information should be freely available. If this makes sense to you, then consider yourself enlightened and copy and paste the above info and email it to a friend before this website is canned by some governmental regulation.

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