The Iditarod Sled Dog Race

40th Annual

Alaskan Huskies at the race start.
Photo by AK Photo

Welcome to The Cabin. Kick some snow off the boots, hang up the parka, warm up by the fire, and lets follow the race stats. Keep the hot drinks flowing to keep us up and watching or waiting for the stats of your favorite musher's into the wee hours in the morning. If you are a race fan, then You can do most of your Iditarod link hopping through this site. Please enjoy your stay.

On the right you will find links to just about every single major iditarod website out there and some other Alaskan culture related links. If there are some iditarod links that you use that you would like to see displayed here then please comment with your links here .

Just joining in? It's always good to take a peek at some of the dog info related pages, musher's, and checkpoints. You can also get familiar with the weather that the musher's are encountering and view the race update stats periodically by using the two upper right most links. The web cams are also fun to view, but are hard to track down and rarely you will get a glimpse of a musher with her/his team.

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Alaskan Malamute - Alyeska image tag Pre-Race

Are you ready for the entanglement of dogs, ice cold weather, composite, new plastics, hard-wood, titanium, and steel and sheer brawn? The big sites will have all kicked in. Stay tuned for a race catch-up article and any new good links as they pop up or as they are found to help keep you filled in on some of the more easily overlooked stuff. The "Latest Stuff" section below is where new links will be placed as they are found, and will usually have the latest information.

Musher's will be running on the more preferred northern route of the trail this year.

There are 66 bibs, or musher's, this year, running the 40th Iditarod Race. Bibs are handed out to musher's that have signed on, qualified, and have not withdrawn. 8 mushers have already withdrawn from this years race. Those mushers are as follows;

Justin High, Jessie Royer, Kevin Neher, Wattie McDonald, Joe Gutowski, Tamara Rose, Mike Williams, and Robert Nelson.

Alaskan Malamute - Alyeska image tag Race Updates
View any current race updates, and sign up for race reminders
(Dont forget to see the primary race update link at the upper right of this page for the official race updates).

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wolfdogg Thsi is some exciting stuff. I love to follow the races.
2011-03-09 05:04:55
wolfdogg Well, i totally blew it, i let a year slip away from me. I apologize for not covering the Iditarod this year. Actually im a web developer by profession, so i spend more time in other technologies which led me to revamping the entire site to a new framework. This site isnt complete yet but will be released sometime in 2013 i hope.
2013-06-15 20:44:03
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