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Sleeping Pad

This is the single most important item to your energy needs, and true comfort. WIthout it, a poor nights miserable rest will drive anybody crazy. Even worse, its sure worse the 2nd night on sore hips/shoulders/rib cages/thighs/ankle bones and sore necks. Get a good pad. It doesn't matter if you wrap some of your bed foam into a trash bag, and strap it to your pack, this is a necessity!!.

The main function of the sleeping pad in winter is to provide insulation from the cold ground, otherwise its just a pad. "Therma-rest's" are good sleeping pads because they self inflate, and contain rubber cells, sort of like baffling, so that the whole pad works to feel like solid foam but is actually a bunch of hollow air chambers making the item lighter on the back. Once ready to pack, simply open the air valve, and roll. It recommends not to blow into it to fill it up, but I've done this to the same pad for several years without a hitch. Its always nice to blow it up real stiff, then tighten the valve. All that is needed is a 3/4 length pad. This way you have a hip, ribs, and shoulder pad. This is all that is needed, unless you have no other feasible solution for your feet. But i suggest you put extra clothes under your head(in a stuff sack for a pillow, or bring a pillow case), and put the other not-so-soft material things like stuff sacks and other Cordura items (backpack) etc.. under your feet for insulation, eliminating the need to hike and pack in a full length sleeping pad.

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