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What you need is a 4-season tent. This is a term for a mountaineer. 4-season means many things. The first and most obvious is the fact that the 4th season is winter. The 4-season tent is made for winter elements. But what constitutes a good winter-proof design?

4-season specifically means a tent for extreme winter survivability under strenuous mountain weather, usually in the form of a blizzard, or more unfortunately, if you happen to set up the tent on the leeward side of a huge boulder bigger than your tent, in a windstorm(you will probably wake up under 10 feet of snow here). It means a tent that will withstand infinite snow loading, usually. It means that the tent will almost 'always' have a minimum of 4 high quality tempered aluminum tent poles, and an an extreme, low-cut, lightweight, albeit extremely strong computerized mountaineering form. The tent poles are nothing without the guy lines in a storm this must be learned well. The tent is nothing without the fly-sheet in a storm either. It takes all the integral parts to set up a tent for a night in the mountains. So, for a tent to be 4-season, it means that you have a piece of highly technical gear, and need to set it up properly in order for it to withstand all that its made for.

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