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Iditarod.comAlaska Public Radio Networks Daily Iditarod Streaming Media Updates, Thourough daily reports on the, All of the adventure, none of the, Alaska Daily News, Iditarod multimedia coverageWomen of the IditarodSled Dog Central, Your online advertising and sled dog informaiton sourceThe Iditarod Airforce, learn about the pilots that fly the dogs.Dude Dog Cartoons, The misadventures of an Alaskan sled dogInternational Sled Dog Racing AssociationInternational Sled Dog Veterinary Medical AssociationMushing Magazine homesiteSee maps of the Iditarod Theysay when you are looking for up to date Sled Dog info, there is no need to look any farther!Working Dog WebNative and cultural informaitonWatch videos or see pictures of the aurorasLive MooseCam, Anchorgage Alaska. See Live Moose in Action

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