The Pleasure of working with Northern Breeds

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A wealth of life experiences can be achieved by simply taking these animals out to romp in the fields, for a simple walk, or for a more technical pack-hike or camping trip and overnight backpacking trip. There is so much to learn from them. An example of even a few of things that can be learned is, animal intelligence, patience, leadership, teaching skills, cooperation, diplomacy, trust, and many things about the wild such as where and what to pay attention to, signs of life, hunting skills, and straight out play.


I hope everyone who is interested will have the chance to have a northern breed for themselves to share these experiences with.


Personally, it's been wonderful to be able to work with the nordic type Breeds for many years now. Some of the nordic breed's that I've had the fortunate experience to work with, in favoured order, are the Alaskan Malamute, McKenzie River Husky, Siberian Husky, Norwegian Elkhound, Samoyed, Eskimo or Spitz, Akita, and my least favorite and the only non-preferred one, the Chow-Chow. It's a fortunate experience to be able to interact with these creatures, and everybody that does takes home a wonderful memory and deep impression that there is truly something unique in these dogs.

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