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wolfdogg The day he passed is unknown. Disregard the age lived.
2018-04-20 00:12:32
wolfdogg This was an awesome Siberian Husky. He was the lead male of the kennel that I got him from, and had about 30 team friends. His closest mate was Anuyuysk, who was the lead gal of the kennel. They kenneled together. I rescued them about 1998, but I think i got their birthdate wrong, because I dont think they were quite 9 years old by then. They were the runaway type, and never stay put. There is some great pictures of Kind in the mountains with some of my other dogs, Alyeska Rajah I believe. Kind was a big sweetheart. Kind was actually renamed Nanook (Nanuk). He was a large husky, and had very light colors, with beautiful light brown/orangey eyes. He would always let you hold/hug him, and never fussed if you messed with his food, but he wouldnt take much slack from the other teammates. All in all, it was a Husky anybody would want, most beautiful he was!
2018-04-20 00:18:10
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