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Her pack position was "Beta - 2nd To Alpha". When pulling she ran in the "Lead, 2nd Lead" position. Around people she was only slightly timid and was generally friendly. Towards dogs she was somewhat agressive. Her howling qualities were sweet, loud, confident, excellent, deep, participater, cheerleader, songish, vocalist, needs other members in full swing,.


Nikita is well built, has a firm body, and dawns a nice thick medium grain fur coat that is always full. She is muscular and always in shape. She loves to hoard over the food with Timbre. They get along well. She doesnt have any agression problems to the dogs, but not hesitate to snap them if they get in her way. She always keeps herself fit and clean.


Nikita likes to snap her jaws in an act that we dubbed "snapper head". When we say this command, she oblingly snaps her jaws, and then laughs about it as everyone else watching does. She always likes to lay next to the food supply if its in reach, and likes to monitor how much food the other dogs get, and when.


Nikita is a relatively independent dog around people, but definitely enjoys pack company. She is always very sweet to anybody, of any age. She is a very tough to outsider dogs. She guards her territory well.

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