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Chilly attentive on the happenings around him and being patient for photos


His pack position is "Beta". When pulling he runs in the "Wheel" position. Around people he is scarcely timid and is extremely friendly. Towards dogs he is standard in temperament. His howling qualities are songish.


Chilly was born on Easter Sunday, Resurrection Sunday. This special dog will be the tallest and probably the biggest of all the pack mates. Chilly is now as tall as his father Odin. To me, he can be hard to handle when trying to lead him by his collar, he is a very strong puller. I hope to get chilly trained for sledding soon, he has a lot of potential and shows good sled dog behaviour when hooked up to the ganglines. Chilly has an extra special relationship with his brother Wily. Him and his brother always can be found laying next to each other and even sometimes touching fur to fur, or shoulder to shoulder, while they are sleeping. They are not themselves without each other, and are so attached that they spend every waking hour roaming the yard together. Mainly its wily ambushing chilly, and chilly being the loyal guinea pig.


He loves to play with stuffed animals, and guards them like his Aunt Nikita does. He is a very sharing wolf dog however, he will wait patiently if another dog tries to grab the toy, or when i have meat or fat treats for him. I almost want to recant that impression of him being sharing, he has taken to being the food tyrant when i'm not outside, and will steal food from the others by just staring at them, and with the stuffed animals, as soon as a pack mate will let the toy go, chilly will grab it and walk away with a grin, and play with it so adolescent-like and seemingly innocent.


Docile, Sweet, Humorous, Gentle giant, Passive until severely provoked or tested with team mates.

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