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Her pack position was "Omega - Last In Line". When pulling she ran in the "Team Dog" position. Around people she was a bit overly timid and was generally friendly. Towards dogs she was somewhat passive. Her howling qualities were sweet, confident, participator, songish.


Aniak's nickname is Nya, Nyak, or Nyack - prnc.[ ah-NEE-ack ] or [NYE-uh]. She is named after the Aniak River in the southern Alaska mainland and the Inuit village of Aniak. Her coat is a beautiful golden color. Aniak is a Sweet Dog. She is very protective and can be snappy when she feels she is being wronged. For the most part, she is the omega(last in line) and serves the important roll well. She is most respected by all her family, but sometimes her mom Nikita gets feisty with her when Nikita notices that she is getting too frisky with the boys or trying to move up in the hierarchy or getting too close to her food bowl when she is eating.


She mostly lived a solitary lifestyle within the pack. When she had her litter of pups, her aunt Mini had to raise them. She didn't want a lot to do with motherhood. Mini became the surrogate mother of her litter for the most part. She also loved to instigate play, by running around enticing an open ambush from her buddies. They willingly obliged, and the play was on. She usually looks to me when one of the pack members starts to get unfair with her, so she stands by me like a rock. Of course there's those times, and that is most of the time, when she chooses to be a ghost. She will run off into the shelter to lay in the cool wet ground and be stealthy and sneaky and watch from the background.


She was very friendly and loving. She didnt need much attention from people but required much attention from her pack members. She would always enact the omega submission postures to her leaders by licking their chops and they would in turn growl and snarl to strengthen this bond. She loved this. To an outsider it looked a bit intimidating, but we understood well that it was an important bonding gesture.

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