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Her pack position is "Lone Wolf - Roams Alone". When pulling she runs in the "2nd Lead" position. Around people she is extremely timid and is generally friendly. Towards dogs she is very passive.


Crazy was a "Sibe", or Siberian Husky. Crazy was a free spirited girl, and made an excellent sled dog. She looked to be an A.K.C. Siberian Husky. She got her name because she would never come to me until she was darn ready(unless there as no other dog around). From the home she came from she had the luxury of free roaming, so she regularly took the liberty of ensuring that this was always her way of life by escaping when necessary.


She would lay under the food table when filling the food bowls. She would claim this spot most of the day as well since she knew it would be easier for her to use this spot during feeding time. She would always take an extended run that would last for 1-3 days, and return at her leisure.


She kept to herself. She would always exercise her freedom. When she was behind a fence, she would always get out no matter what, she wanted her freedom. This was ok since we lived way out in the country therefore it was mostly safe to do this. One of our alpha girls would not take kindly to Crazy since our alpha girl was a Malamute and Crazy was a husky and eventually jealously problems prevailed. Crazy eventually found a good home at the neighbors house when she repeatedly went over there for food now and then. I allowed them to adopt here, and she kept up her free roaming attitude even then. It was just her way. A very free spirit this dog had!

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