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Hi, my name is Alyeska. I am Pure Bred 100% Alaskan Malamute. I am also the foundation stock of these beautiful offspring. I am the matriarch too, a.k.a. Alpha Female, a.k.a.Big Dog., a.k.a. Leader of the pack! Aren't I pretty? ...This is Aly on a nice autumn day in the front yard in her full autumn coat when she was just over a year old


Her pack position was "Alpha". When pulling she ran in the "Wheel" position. Around people she was only slightly timid and was very friendly. Towards dogs she was somewhat agressive. Her howling qualities were confident.


Aly was the sweetest girl we have had. She always struts up to people for attention, and if she didnt get it from a person she would always walk away like a queen and do something befitting of good character. She loved to be with the dogs as well. She was the matriarch of all the dogs and carried this position with respect for the other pack members. Aly was too spoiled to keep a sled line tight, she was more of the house dog type.


Chasing her tail, prompting for attention with a slight movement of her foot, talking with a deep and short "wuu" when prompted, running in the water to splash and play, laying near Rajah.


Mild disposition and very regal.

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